stay hungry. stay foolish.

i am always fascinated by enthusiasm shown by others. regardless of what they are doing. i am fascinated with bosses who are really fussy with their staff works, attitude, thought processes and etc. i am fascinated by successful businessman who are still managing their business as if they just started the venture yesterday.

i reckon these are among the qualities that make them successful. like the late steve job said “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

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jamal dan kisahnya

jamal seorang orang politik. dalam politik banyak orang, banyak orang banyaklah ragamnya. jamal juga tidak terkecuali. semangatnya sukar dibendung. tenaganya bagaikan ombak yang tiada penat menghempas pantai.

pengikut jamal juga ramai. sekali tengok kecut juga perut orang-orang kecil dan kerdil melihat gelagat pengikut jamal ini. berbaju merah, barannya bukan kepalang, habis semua orang dilanggarnya. semua orang lain ada saja salahnya. jamal sahaja yang betul agaknya di mata mereka.

entah kenapa satu hari jamal dan pengikutnya menunjuk rasa. macam nak berperang lagak mereka. dengan polis pun mereka tak peduli. entah apa yang difikirkan mereka. lalu bertolak-tolaklah mereka beramai-ramai. macam zaman sekolah dulu-dulu kalau di kantin begitulah lagaknya bertolak-tolak. siapa yang kuat, siapa yang tinggi, siapa yang panjang tangannya, dapatlah dia membeli kuih yang hajati. yang kecil, yang lemah, yang rendah, lambatlah agaknya mereka merasa kuih itupun kalau kuih masih berbaki lagi. jarang ada yang tercedera dalam acara tolak menolak ini. mungkin kederat budak-budak agaknya, kurang kuat lagi barangkali.

lain pula dengan cerita jamal ini. dalam kecelaruan menunjuk rasa itulah terlepas barangkali tolakan sesat yang tak berhaluan. terkena lalu cederalah jamal. kederat orang tua lain, kederat orang yang sedang menujuk rasa tentulah lebih lagi. jamal marah sekali, akan dicari siapa tuan punya tolakan sesat tadi. siaplah kau tukang tolak. jamal tak puas hati. jamal tak puas hati.

entah bila cerita jamal ini akan berakhir. entahlah, dia ramai pengikut, dia orang politik. orang politik ni susah juga kita nak percaya. sekejap dia kata kiri, esok dikata kanan pula. entahlah.


saudagar jamal pak tongko juga yang hebat.

tidak lupa kata-kata husin lempoyang “meniaga manusia lagi bagus dari meniaga unta… wow!”

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supermoon quest…

last night we had a supermoon phenomena which according to the media is the largest that you could see in years. so we decided to have a closer look at the moon. unfortunately mother nature was not on our side, the sky was really cloudy and we cannot even locate the moon.
so i decided to install an apps to locate the moon. after getting the rough location of the moon, we took a ride to find the best location for our astronomy journey.
after almost an hour driving we still cannot get a glimpse of the moon that we are looking for. we returned home feeling a bit frustrated.

“But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners (Al-Anfal, 8:30)”

later at around midnight, the sky has cleared a bit and we managed to get a peek at the moon, not as big as it should if we manage to catch it earlier, nevertheless it was a spectacular view. it always spectacular, if only we have enough time to look up and observe what Allah has created for us in this world. we just do not have enough time to sit back and reflect.

see how cloudy the sky was. the moon was hiding behind it. also tiny aircraft is also in the pic.

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I promise to force myself to start writing… mmm…

Haha.. its been another long break since i write. last post was when i started my new job at orion group. i have left a permanent post there but not entirely, still providing consultantation services to them on call basis.

A lot has change since then. now we have moved to cyberjaya, new house, new environment, new people and the best thing about living at this side of klang valley is there is almost no traffic problem.

My career also change a bit. since the downtrend of world crude oil price, the oil and gas market is not as lucrative as before. now i am trying my luck in several other businesses. it is not as easy but i guest that is what everyone else doing business is facing right.

One of the main factor that i have decided not to have a ‘full time’ work was because my second child was diagnosed with leukemia in mid of 2015. A year and a half has passed since then, he is still undergoing his treatment now. the experience were ┬ábit exhausting at times, humbling at most of the times and for us it is as if the time has stop we had time to pause and look at our live from totally different perspective.

Our political scenes also has make a huge turn. the pm is accused with a lot of accusation. the upmost is 1mdb. billions money involved there. our ex pm is now has changed side and working together with an ex dpm to work with another ex dpm to win the next general election which is going to happen in one or two years from now. aaah.. not to forget to mention that donald trump has just won an election in the usa. i must say that he is different.

With all the things happening and not been able to capture it as it in writing, i am making another promise to myself to start writing, again.

p/s: just realised this is only my 10th post since i started this blog. very bad performance indeed.


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Business trip to Inverness, Scotland

Wow, it has been really long time since I write anything here. I feel like I need to start writing again. I need to practice writing a lot.

I just joined a new company based in Inverness, Scotland. It never crossed my mind before that I need to attend an induction training as far as Scotland. I never been to Europe all my life, let alone to Inverness in Scotland. In fact I have never heard of Inverness before. I might came across Lochness Monster story a few times but never paid serious attention to it since its obviously a myth.

Today I am writing from this small town of Inverness, Scotland. To call this trip a business trip is an overstatement actually. More like a look see, look see visit for me. I have not gone through my jobs description yet. But I assumed that I will be doing a lot of things.

Yesterday, a lunch was arranged for me by the legendary Lochness. Loch is lake in Scottish if I am not mistaken. There are many lochs here in Scotland.

The weather here is really nice. A bit cold for me but still bearable. I think my threshold would be around 10 degree C. Below that will require additional thermal wears to stay comfortable.

Since nobody is available for lunch today, I took a small walk to a supermarket just across the road from our HQ. I just love to go to supermarket in foreign country just to look at their offerings and trying to understand their buying power and cost of living here.

One problem of travelling across several time zone is jet lag. I am still struggling to cope with it. I hope it will go away soon. I will be in Inverness until Sunday then off to Aberdeen for second leg of my induction. Looking forward to go home soon. Already missing them so much.

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General election

Last weekend was the nomination day for malaysia’s 13th general election. Its going to be the toughest GE ever. Its going to be the last GE for anwar ibrahim. Its najib’s first attempt in getting his own mandate from the people. Previous mandate was given to pak lah and thru ‘soft coup de etat’, najib managed to helm the country. Its going to hot and full of drama from both sides.

Personally i think its almost 50-50 fight between both side, caretaker government machineries aside. Pakatan with their young and full of strenght, ready to fight supporters. BN with their well oiled and funded machineries. Both sides are promising better goodies to the people.

BN made a few blunders such as using RoS to declare DAP CEC as null and void two days before nomination day, fielding zul nordin in shah alam and umno accidently did not submit nomination form for pasir mas allowing perkasa straight fight with pas. Pakatan on the other hand also made several not so politically correct move for instance discussing about hudud. Started with harun din statement and then replied by karpal. So both sides have their own baggage to carry during campaign period.

Its another 10 days to go before the polling day. I personally believe this general election is for pakatan to lose. Their leaders should refrain themslef from talking about differences and focused on their common objectives. That is what BN do best, umno is malay party and it does not mean mca is also fighting for malay. They fight their own cause and unite for the bigger agenda.

Anyway, the true winner of this general election will be the rakyat. Anybody win, rakyat wins. In contrast to ‘menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu’. That is the true spirit of democracy.

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iso periodical audit

A simple yet challenging assignment. I was tasked with ISO certification of our company last year, taking over from antoher colleague.
I was and still new to ISO. Nothing much that I know about ISO. I have used it before in my early career journey at my stint with gas malaysia. Nothing more than that, let alone certifying a company according to ISO. Somehow, we managed to pull it off last year.

This year is the first anniversary that require a periodical audit from the certification body. My colleague who helps me with this ISO thing also quite new to ISO. The audits completed just now. Tomorrow is the D day. We will know our fate and way forward in ISO implementation.

I hope all goes well. Nothing much that we could do except trying our best to negotiate the findings.

May all the luck be with us.

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